Gears of Midgard

Introdcutory Arc: Let's Play a Game, Part One

The party meets a new... Friend?

Our Heroes find flyers hung up in their towns asking for brave adventurers to assist in a dangerous artifact recovery mission for the Explorers League. It mentions that it is incredibly deadly however you will be paid handsomely if you make it back successfully.  It asks the recipient to send a message to an Explorers League Representative and make their way to the town of Hillsbrad on the very edge of Heimir for a briefing on the Mission.

The Party of Lindy the Half-Elf Fighter/Warlock, Gaubrik the Goliath Fighter/Wizard, Kevin the Half-Orc Cleric, and Crimtham the Human Barbarian finds themselves in a tavern near the docks of Hillsbrad waiting for their employer. The four of them have never met and they don't seem to get along with each other too well. 

Lilian Grovewarden the Pixie Assassin from the Explorers League flies on the table while the party is arguing. To everyone but Kevin's surprise she lets out a booming HELLO! Afterwards explaining a little more of the mission to the party mentioning that there are only 4 of the 5 who applied but they'll have to do with what they have. 

After boarding the Airship and getting Introduced to the Captain of the Ship Gregor Soot-Treader the Duergar Fighter. He doesn't say much but the party seems to share a mutual indifference towards him. The party goes about their own business for the first few hours of the trip when all of a sudden massive hooked harpoons attached to thick steel cables shoot in to the ship. The party realizes that a Ship twice the size of theirs is pulled up next to them. A small crew of Sentient Poisonous Frogs ride the cables down onto the parties ship and a fight ensues. 

The Frogs who appear to be dressed as Pirates fight embarrassingly bad but still manage to incapacitate most of the party with their poison before a loose arrow is shot in to the main balloon of the Pirate's ship. The Ship begins to descend slowly towards the endless sky below with it's cables still attached to the parties ship. With the only two remaining crew who are able to help the party manages to remove the cables before being pulled down in to the unknown to their almost certain death. During this fight the party realizes that the Half-Orc Cleric was lying and was really a Warlock under the Patron of the MechAngel.

After about another 8-9 hours Lindy makes his way to the deck of the ship and notice that Lilian and Gregor are overlooking a map confusingly. After asking what they're doing she mentions that since this location the artifact may be located has never been officially mapped out. Due to the fact of people just never being seen again after making the trip looking for the artifact. With Lindy's help they triangulate the location of the artifact and after almost another 2-3 hours the sky and everything in the front of the ship starts to ripple and move like water. They then see a massive floating rocky island with a small building on it which appeared to be protected by a large illusory dome. After they land the airship the party makes their way to the building. Once inside they see the door they entered through disappear as if there is no way out once you go in to this crypt. They see a bunch of smaller caskets along with one larger casket in the middle of what appears to be a square carved deep in to the floor. On the other side of the room a rune sits on the wall which Chrimtham hastily shatters with his axe revealing a chest behind a secret panel that you can just reach through the wall after the mechanism malfunctions. In that chest is an ornate key which they realize belongs to a peculiar keyhole placed suspiciously in the middle of the large casket's interior. which is lined with very clean expensive looking velvet colored silk.

After turning the key the party hears loud turning of gears and other similar noises as the square they are standing on moves down in an elevator like fashion. 

//Unfinished but will get done soon//


corporal_korpsman corporal_korpsman

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