Kelvamin Chorster

Changeling Warlock



Kelvamin is a 5’11" Changeling. He has a massive shield on his back that can convert into 4 wings instantly. He also always carries a mechanical eye tied to his belt, which can be seen lighting up and rotating during times of rest.


Kelvamin became a mercenary to follow in the footsteps of Asgeld Soronsen, a legendary Minotaur mercenary.

Kelvamin’s last job was to steal a painting from Faunra Pinepool, an elf governess on Gudrunn. One of the thieves he was working with, Grumthurm Hammerore, betrayed their group, which led to their capture. Kelvamin was sent to a labor camp in Gudrunn, where he discovered the remains of an ancient Mechangel. The Mechangel imprinted on him, and he escaped with his newfound magical powers.

Kelvamin was in the shape of a drow when he was captured by Faunra.


Kelvamin joined the initial party at Gudruun.

The party discovered Kelvamin was a Changeling when Britanny forced him to reveal it in front of the party.

Kelvamin Chorster

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