Kelvamin Chorster

Half-Orc Warlock



Kelvamin is a 6’11" half-orc. He has a massive shield on his back that can convert into 4 wings instantly. He also always carries a mechanical eye tied to his belt, which can be seen lighting up and rotating during times of rest.


Kelvamin is from the continent of Gudrunn, and is surprisingly literate for a half-orc.

Kelvamin became a mercenary to follow in the footsteps of Asgeld Soronsen, a legendary Minotaur mercenary.

Kelvamin’s last job was to steal a painting from Faunra Pinepool, an elf governess on Gudrunn. He was discovered, and now Faunra wants him dead.

Warlock Abilities

Blessed Emissary-
Your patron blesses you with mechanical wings in the likeness of a dragonfly (4 wings in X shape). These wings retract to appear as a large shield on your back. You gain a fly speed equal to your walking speed and an AC of 14 + your Dexterity modifier, ignoring your armor. However, you are now vulnerable to lightning damage. If used as a weapon, these wings deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage using your Dexterity and any damage these wings take disappears after a long rest.

When casting counterspell against a spell of a higher level than your own, the DC is 10 + half the spell’s level rounded down.

Pact of the Tome -
I have a Book of Shadows with any three cantrips of my choosing
I can cast these cantrips as long as I have the book on my person
Regardless of the lists they come from, these count as warlock cantrips to me
I can get a replacement book with a 1-hour ceremony during a short or long rest

Agonizing Eldritch Blast (Add Charisma modifier to the damage of Eldritch Blast)
Eyes of the Rune Keeper (Read all writing)
Sculptor of Flesh (You can cast Polymorph once using a warlock spell slot. You can’t do so again until you finish a Long Rest.)


Kelvamin joined the initial party at Gudruun.

The party discovered Kelvamin was a Changeling when Britanny forced him to reveal it in front of the party.

Kelvamin Chorster

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