Lindy Jones *Obliterated*

Half-Elf Adventurer and Archaeologist


Lindy Jones

Class: Champion Fighter/ Celestial Pact of the Blade Warlock
Age: 29

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 150 lbs

Skin: Fair

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

He wears leather armor and carries a satchel with him at all times, as well as his prized enchanted hat. He carries a rapier and is known to summon his pact weapon as either a copy of his rapier or as a whip.


Lind’yana Jones is the son of Conner Jones, a human archaeologist and Shan’yana Jones, an elf historian. He grew up in the capital of Gudruun, helping his father in their expansive museum, the Gudruun Gallery of Magic and History, after his mother died of a mysterious illness she contracted in Heimir. He became an archaeologist at a young age, exploring ancient tombs and ruins to find artifacts to display in the Gallery, becoming proficient with all sorts of weapons and other skills in his travels.

When on expedition in Sicelin he discovered an ancient crypt of some long-dead hero, who wielded great power in his time. When he had excavated a decent amount of the structure, he was betrayed by his workers, who had made a deal with a local bandit lord, and tied up outside the tomb. The bandits and workers brought out of the tomb a golden sarcophagus, and as Lindy watched, opened it, gloating about the great power they had unlocked.

From the sarcophagus came a great light, and a brightly glowing greatsword floated up into the air. Suddenly, a great glowing figure appeared, wielding a larger version of the sword, and cut down the bandits where they stood, literally melting them in their places. Lindy’s bonds burned away in an instant, and he turned away in fear and awe as the great Solar Angel spoke to him.

“Lind’yana. I am Sigurd of the Blade. I serve Heimdall, the god of loyalty and vigilance. You have shown to be of noble intentions, and I choose you to be the hand of my will, and by extension, Heimdall’s. You will travel the world helping the people, teaching them to be watchful, and spread knowledge of the history of this plane. But first, I have an important assignment for you, to prove your worth.”

Handing the floating greatsword to Lindy, he continued.

“Near this place is a town ruled by a cruel and unjust aristocrat. In his castle he stores a large supply of weapons. You will lead an uprising in the town. They are ready to fight, they just need the arms necessary. Take my pact blade, and swear to me an oath of loyalty. This mission will be your trial by fire.”

And so Lindy made a pact with the Angel, and found himself able to summon great power he had never been able to before. The blade Windgrace was an incredible boon, morphing to fit Lindy’s every need at a thought.

Lindy Jones *Obliterated*

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