Celestial Head of the Explorers' League


You don’t know much about him other than the fact that it’s impossible to lie to him and he seems like a cool guy.

He allegedly has ties to Desmond.

He uses Illusion Magic to make the artifacts appear to be in the Museum while he studies them in his lab beneath it. The Party went down to ask him something and ended up interrupting him. His lab is filled with Tinker’s Tools and Books on Geology and Magical Items. His main study has 3 Photos on it one of which is him before he was a Celestial, One being a Half-Elf, and the last being a Caucasian Human.

As discovered by the second party he was friends with Desmond and Lars. Together they discovered the Six Gemstones of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. However, as they were researching them they became corrupted by the gem’s combined power. Lucius himself was turned into a celestial known as a Solar Knight.

When the second party returned to Lucius after their investigation of Desmond’s puzzle dungeon they soon discovered that they couldn’t lie to a Solar Knight and were essentially forced to surrender all the knowledge they uncovered there, which included the last known whereabouts of the remaining gemstones. However, they were able to keep their possession of the Red Eagle Wand a secret. In exchange for the information, and after Senn apologized for their distrust in him, Lucius answered all the questions that they had, telling them that he planned to reunite all the gemstones that Desmond had scattered in order to try to restore his long lost friend.

Also granted The Lore Guardian access to the book of Eldritch Knowledge after the second party exchanged the information and some of the relics the first party missed.



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