Nana Fifi (full name unknown)

old monk


Nana Fifi knows stuff.


Nana Fifi was abandoned on the doorstep of a floating monastery as a baby. She was in a small box, with a pair of winged sandals. The sandals are covered in runes of a language nana fifi does not know. On the box was the simple, common name, Fifi. She was raised by the monastery and taught to center her mind and body. She eventually was cast out of the monastery for being a thief. She was taken to (the order place) and left outside a city. She made a living by stealing thing and selling them in legal markets in other cities, and over the next several years created a complex underground criminal empire. She recently retired with a hefty sum of money in her bank. she left her empire in the trustworthy hands of her oldest cohort, a dark elf named Rym. She is now an adventurer for fun.

After retiring from the Hand she went back to her crime syndicate. When the Hand acquired an airship base from the frog pirates they came to her to offload it for 750,000 gp. She is now the proud owner of a gigantic ship.

Nana Fifi (full name unknown)

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