Paladin Adhemar Bethencourt

Aasimar Paladin of Devotion, servant of Heimdall.


Adhemar “in-a-stable-relationship” Bethencourt
Adhemar Bethencourt (pronounced AH-de-MARR BET-ten-core) is a tall, slender Aasimar, with a strength that belies his frame. His skin is the emerald green characterized by the planetar angels, his eyes a flat, pupilless silver, and his hair pure white. He wears elegant clothes and armor, and bears a sword and shield into battle.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliations: Paladins of Heimdall, worshipers of Heimdall, Hand of the League
Age: 30


Early life:
Born in central Sicelin, in his family’s township of Bethen, Adhemar is the son of Count Rugen Bethencourt, a rich landlord, and Countess Mariane Bethencourt. His family is of a line of Humans and Aasimar interbred through centuries, and the angelic blood is greatly diluted. However, Rugen and his father, and his father before him, and so on, use their Celestial heritage as justification for why they are above everyone else, in spite of the fact that for generations the family has simply looked like humans, and lost long ago much of the powers associated with that heritage.

When Adhemar was born, however, by pure genetic luck, he had the skin color, eyes, and hair of a Planetar Angel, the fabled progenitor of the line. As he grew up, the powers of a true Aasimar manifested in him, giving him command of light. His father was ecstatic, as Adhemar was now legitimate proof of the claim to Celestial blood in the Bethencourt line. He groomed Adhemar to be a perfectly well-behaved son, trying to mold him into an image of purity that aligned with the idea of Aasimar, using his existence to justify his own greed and motives.

Of course, Adhemar, being a bright young child, figured out what was going on. His older sister, Maria, was jealous of the attention her brother had always received, and his affection for her drove him to piece together why she was treated differently by their parents. Eventually he came to the realization that he was being used as essentially a certificate of sorts, and was only valued by his family for that purpose, and his sister, possessing only the same white hair and more ordinary skin and eyes, had basically been cast aside, both of them only treated as people in the barest sense. Reaching his teen years, he and his sister, as well as a childhood friend by the name of Corinne Silverhold, hatched a plan to free both children from their parents’ influence. Adhemar trained his sister to use the holy magics granted to them both by their bloodline. They had always come naturally to him, and they were always a latent power in Maria, but she lacked the same connection to it that Adhemar possessed. His training allowed her to master light in secret, and one day the two siblings unveiled her grasp of the power to their parents.

Rugen and Mariane were overjoyed at this further legitimacy of their family name, and so when Maria expressed interest in joining a nearby sect of Heimdall, the locally revered god of the pantheon, they agreed to allow her to leave. As the siblings had hoped, and also due to some subtle suggestions by Maria, Adhemar was also told that once he reached fifteen, like his sister, he would also be sent to join the monastery.

As he gained maturity, he also began to have affections for his childhood friend Corinne. The two had been inseparable as children, and they were almost the only friends the other had. But, unfortunately, the Silverholds and Bethencourts were plunged into a feud. A Silverhold relative bought a large chunk of land where there was rumored to be an iron mine, sniping the bid from Adhemar’s father, Rugen. In a mysterious turn of events, the relative and their heir were found dead, killed by an assassin, putting the land back up for sale. Rugen then seized it at a lower cost. The Silverholds called him out for it, accusing him of having their cousins murdered to take the land. This resulted in a violent feud, and several deaths of servants and family members of both families, and Adhemar and Corinne were separated. It was at this time Adhemar was sent away.

Time at the Monastery:
Adhemar reconnected with his sister at the monastery to Heimdall. She was in training to become a Cleric of the god, and he joined the young order of acolytes on the track to becoming Paladins. As soon as he and his sister reunited, they denounced their family’s dealings publicly, calling them out for their abuses of power and their treatment of their subjects and their own children, as well as the feud with the Silverholds. Rugen and Mariane were furious, but could do nothing with both their children being behind the walls of a monastery guarded by Paladins, Monks, and Clerics of the highest order, not to mention of the god of vigilance.

His hands tied by the public scandal, Rugen extended his hand in friendship to the Silverholds, ending the feud but not the bad blood between the two families. He also publicly renounced his previous behavior, made life better for his servants and vassals, and declared his support for his children, sending them gifts and money regularly. But Adhemar and Maria were not fooled and not stupid, accepting the gifts but coolly regarding their father, subtly reminding him constantly that if he were to cut off his new improved behavior, they would quickly denounce him again, and, true to followers of the god of vigilance, they would be watching him.

It was during this period that Adhemar obtained his Gauntlets of Ogre Power as a gift from his father, as Adhemar was always a slender, relatively weak child, and had difficulty in the physical trials of his training. He did not attempt to keep them a secret, as honesty is a tenet of the Oath he was to swear, but rather humbly admitted to anyone who asked what the truth of the matter was.

Adhemar continued his training, and maintained correspondence with Corinne, meeting her occasionally in secret since their families still despised one another. He found that she also had feelings for him, and he vowed that once he was a Paladin, he would strive to make a name for himself apart from his family and find a way for them to be together without fear.

He completed his training and swore his Oath of Devotion at the age of 18, mastering the divine magics and fighting techniques of the Order of the Paladins of Heimdall, specializing in healing magics and medical arts.

After the Oath:
Adhemar became a knight-errant of the Order, traveling the continents in order to help the downtrodden and heal the sick, trying to make a name for himself and separate himself from his family’s legacy. Sustained by money from his father and that he earned on his own, he roamed far and wide.

One day he heard of a strange cult that had popped up called the Light. Intrigued, and driven by duty to be watchful, he went to investigate their temple, where he was attacked and rendered unconscious by Henry, the warforged Paladin of the Light. When he awoke he was in a cell with two members of the adventuring party that would come to be known as the Hand of the League, members of the League of Extraordinary Explorers, who devoted their lives to treasure hunting and exploring, for fun and profit. He joined the Hand, as they were down a member after the ordeal with the Light, and has been travelling with them, assisting them in bringing to light the mysteries of several strange artifacts and their creators.

Paladin Adhemar Bethencourt

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