Senn Barrigar

World Renowned Fire Genasi Chef and decently accomplished Spellblade who wants to be remembered for beating bad guys.


Spellblade (Homebrew) Fighter.
Fire Genasi
Fights with claws, Fire and Earth spells, Movement based spells.
High Dex, High Con, High Char, Low Int, Low Wis, Low Str.
Chaotic Good
Far Traveler
26 years old
Silver hair
Grey eyes
White (“Caucasian”) Skin
Medium/Average build
Doesn’t actually wear his chef’s hat in combat, has a short length “man-tail” going on with his hair.



  • Comes from a large Genasi village in Heimir with a large Fire genasi population and a small Earth genasi population.
  • Fought in a public arena within the village and reached a high rank among the population but never quite reached the top, this is where he learned how to fight.
  • Parents are still alive but they left to travel on their own right after Senn reached adulthood, Dad brought about Senn’s hidden talent in cooking after making the most delicious bear stew Senn had ever eaten. Only child.
  • One year after reaching adulthood, Senn gave up on reaching the top of the ranks in his village arena and left to go on his own adventures, which led to many mishaps but also led to his growing reputation as a master chef, first seen among fellow travelers, then entire towns onward.
  • Has cooked for several people of high importance in Gudrunn and Heimir. The embroided chef hat he owns was a gift from one of the highest guild masters in Gudrunn.
  • Has never been to Eyloft but wants to go there to see if he can acquire any super rare ingredients.
  • Has incredibly tense relations with most of Sicelin.

Wanted in Sicelin

  • During his travels, Senn received an urgent letter from an Old Earth Genasi named Veheem who taught him Earth magic back home. Veheem revealed to Senn that he was the adopted son of a rich yet eccentric family in Sicelin but unfortunately did not reveal the name of the family. He told Senn that he held important family secrets with him and he was fearful that someone would come after him soon. Veheem had relocated to the city of Lemy in Heimir and told Senn to meet him there to exchange the secrets there.
  • When Senn got there Veheem was already dead in front of the front door, and his home had been torn to pieces. Senn was checking Veheem’s pulse and resisting the urge to scream in rage when he heard a sound from upstairs. He moved up the stairs as quietly as he could and came upon Veheem’s bedroom. There he found a hooded figure covered in blood and stuffing a bunch of papers into a bag of holding. Senn growled at him “Turn around. I want you to see this coming.” The assassin started to turn around, but before Senn could see his face the assassin cast a haste spell and burst through the nearest window. Senn cast haste as well and chased after him over the rooftops.
  • Somehow Senn managed to trail the assassin all the way to the nearest airship dock where a small Sicelin aircraft was waiting for the assassin. There were many hooded grunts with crossbows who fired at Senn preventing him from getting aboard and the ship zoomed off at a blistering speed. Senn convinced a driver who had seen the whole ordeal to take him to Sicelin
  • At Sicelin, Senn took many many days to find the assassin but after making friends with several of the servants of multiple houses throughout the capital city, Senn eventually figured out where the assassin was, but was advised to be careful about confronting him. Senn took this to mean that the assassin was a tough fighter and rushed off for a fight.
  • Senn found the home in a dark alleyway and kicked down the door. Inside was a small home, with only a single half elf inside. Senn asked if he killed his mentor and when the half elf non-chalantly confirmed this and brandished his blade, Senn dived toward him and mutilated the assassin. Unfortunately, the fight had made a lot of noise and he was met with a contingency of guards and when the guards saw who Senn had just killed they arrested him on the spot. Senn tried to explain that it was self defense as the assassin had pulled out his weapon first and that the half elf killed his mentor in cold blood the guards ignored him completely and carried him off.
  • He was brought before a court where he was able to explain his situation. He was immediately bombarded with hatred and told that his mentor had been condemned for stealing vital information and property that rightfully belonged to the combined houses of Bethencourt and Silverhold. The assassin sent was a legally backed bounty hunter who was paid to pursue Veheem. Veheem apparently resisted the capture and fought back against the assassin, who killed him in Self defense. The self defense of a legally backed bounty hunter beat the self defense claim of a misguided and enraged vagrant sellsword and so Senn was sentenced to life imprisonment. On the way of being dragged out of court a guard whispered to him “this is what you get for crossing House Bethencourt and House Silverhold.”
  • A few days of prison later, Senn was visited by a beautiful servant girl and several thieves, who then subsequently broke Senn out of jail and snuck him out into an airship sent for Gudrunn. He was told never to return to Sicelin ever again. Before he left on the ship he asked the suspicious looking servant girl her name. She looked far too pretty to be a normal servant girl but Senn didn’t really have time to pry further. The girl paused for a moment and whispered “Corrine”, and walked away.


  • Wants to become better at cooking as cooking is actually a better source of income in Gudrunn than adventuring.
  • Wants to find the rarest ingredients for the finest dishes.
  • Wants to take down “bad guys”, hunts down bandits and such with a bold determination

Specific Allies:

  • Most of the population of Gudrunn
  • Fans of delicious food


  • Most of the population of Sicelin.
  • Water Genasi (not enemies per se, more so just an awkward aversion to them.

The Campaign and Senn

  • Senn traveled to Eyloft in search of Berrygrass, a rare herb exclusive to Eyloft used in cooking. At the port he misplaced his bags full of cookware and ingredients with a bag full of books and scrolls. The owner of the bag of scrolls and books turned out to be a blue dragonborn named Guardian. For whatever reason Guardian decided to help Senn out and the two became friends, with Senn accompanying Guardian back to his home in order for a place to stay and a place to cook with his newfound berrygrass.
  • On their way to Guardian’s Spire the two came across a strange cat man who offered them a strange eagle shaped wand. Senn did not have the same wariness that Guardian had and accepted the wand with great interest.
  • When they arrived at Guardian’s spire, Guardian expressed interest in prodding into the means and reason for a friend from the Explorer’s League’s death and Senn agreed to help him out.
  • After working for the Explorer’s League they decided to stay secret about what they had discovered but quickly found out that Lucius, the leader of the Explorer’s League, could see through all lies. This came across to Senn as completely unfair and Senn was infuriated and immediately distrustful of Lucius.
  • The following night Senn devised a plan to take their Eagle wand and show it to as many gods as they could to find out more about it, and learn more about Desmond. When Guardian had the red eagle wand stolen from “himself” Senn aided him in finding it again, saving his life when they fought against four clones of Guardian created by the red eagle wand by summoning his fire elemental Orthus.
  • During their exploration into finding out more about the gemstones within the artifacts Senn accidentally awakened a bunch of Ara-noids beneath gemstone cave.
  • After meeting with Desmond and the two deciding to keep the artifacts from Lucius to prevent the resurrection of Lars, Senn was able to convince Lusamine to give him the Chalice of Wisdom with a special dinner (that did not go well, but Lusamine was fine with it, Senn promised that the next time he would cook for her, it would be much better)
  • After the battle against the Guardian clones Senn went on his own to find Ace and Blinky, who had gone missing when they were returning home. On the way he stumbled across a rhino man named Mubin Voss, and helped him out of a hole in the ground. Together they saved Ace and Blinky. Senn then recruited Mubin into the fight to save the world. Later helped save Mubin’s and subsequently Guardian’s life in the brief fight against the Charisma aspect of Lars by breaking Lar’s concentration.
  • Senn was angered by the defeat in stopping Lars from escaping from the gemstones, and is now dead set on destroying Lars, angry that the Charisma aspect has destroyed his second home of Gudrunn’s capital.
  • After the disaster Senn met a (current) barmaid named Scarlet Whiste who expressed interest in helping them because it was more interesting than serving drinks in some bar. Senn recognized her as a performer who accidentally killed her viewers with powerful and uncontrollable magic and for some reason saw her as a safe member of the party, if not insanely powerful, which she was.
  • Almost immediately after meeting Scarlet the three of them met Adhemar Bethencourt, whom Senn and Guardian immediately recognized as a member of the Explorer’s League, specifically a member of the Hand of the League, and they met with a furious argument fueled partly by Senn’s anger towards whom he saw as a high and mighty paladin of Sicilen. Scarlet broke up the fight before it turned into a physical one and they all agreed to a truce. Although when Senn learned of Adhemar’s name he expressed it with an angry scowl. Adhemar picked up on it relatively quickly and talked to Senn about it, explaining that he was not his father and he did not approve of his family’s actions. Senn didn’t see a reason not to trust him now since he realized that Adhemar did not recognize him. While they did not exactly agree on what to do about the gemstones and about Lucius, the two turned out to have a lot in common and quickly ended up working well together.
  • Also Senn can’t swim, as to be expected of a fire genasi from a mountain village next to a volcano.

Senn Barrigar

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