Henry, The Lore Guardian, The King of the Storm

Dragonborn Warlock on an eternal Quest for Knowledge


Pact of the Seeker Warlock, formally Pact of the Tomb
Blue Dragonborn
Lawful Evil
Will do whatever he deems necessarily to fill his objective
Collector of Knowledge
Allows people to just call him Guardian

After slaying Loki, King of the Storm is now his official title, and managed to hook up with a bad-ass Valkyrie as they travel the world in his flying weaponize spire.
Gained boon of immortality and pays respects to his fallen comrades every year.


He awakens from the ground, naked, afraid, unsure of who he is or where he is with only a old torn banner on his person. He gets up and walks in a direction unknown to him for what seem like days until he is stumbled upon by a group of kobold marchants. The kobolds believe him to be a crazy dragonborn walking around naked and unable to speak in complete sentences. He tries to ask the kobolds questions about who he is and where he was but they do not answer him, they just point in a direction and He believes it to be a way to answers so he leaves them and heads of in that direction leaving the kobolds.

He arrives at a city, a massive city with flying ships and tall towers the capture his eye filling him with wonder and a wanting to know how it all worked. As he tried to enter the city the guards stopped him questioning why a naked dragonborn would try and enter their city of Deem. As the guards question Him on his motives they grow more and more frustrated with His lack of response they arrest him and imprison him.

Now alone in his cell, finally with clothes in the form of prison rags, He calls out to the guards in his broken draconic tongue but to no avail. So He sits there watching the guards, observing their tendencies and learning their patterns and movements as he plots his escape from his cell.

Then on the day that he plans to escape from prison the guards bring him his first guest, a old silver dragonborn. The old silver dragonborn introduces himself as Alitrin Ampik and that he has come to take Him away from this jail and help the confused dragonborn learn about his people. Alitrin leads the dragonborn away from Deem down south in the continent Alitin said to be Eyloft.

On their travel Alitrin noticed the dragonborns amazement of the environment around them. It was then that Alitrin decided they would stop in the town of Twigsdale to see a friend of his. They stop at the library in Twigsdale where Alitrin introduced the blue dragonborn to a tiefling named Seph. The blue dragonborn quickly noticed that this Seph was slightly insane so he left Alitrin and Seph as he explored the library he found a staircase leading to the basement ignoring the “Do Not Enter” sign.

In the basement He was amazed by what he saw. Crazy experiments, ancient artifacts, and books from a forgotten time. Upon further exploration He came across one book that seemed to “call” to him, this book could be read by Him, this book told of great beings of power who held to knowledge of the universe. This book started a fire in His heart, to gain the answers that he sought first he must become powerfull.

Before he can continue reading the book is pulled from his hands by Alitrin who gives it to Seph. Alitrin scolds Him for leaving and coming down here and together they leave twisdale and continue on their journey for a few more days to a secluded island in the middle of Eyloft where a lone spire stood.

Upon entering the spire Alitrin lead the blue dragon born to fifth floor to his room in the barracks where he would spend the night.

The next morning Alitrin did not find the blue dragonborn in his room but in the fourth floor library passed out on the floor surrounded by books on history, monsters, gods. As Alitrin woke the dragonborn up he was unable to retrieve his books as the dragonborn would not give them up as they held knowledge about the world, knowledge he did not have. Seeing how fiercely the dragonborn in front of him would protect these books Alitrin found it fitting to bestow upon Him the name of Lore Guardian, The Lore Guardian.

As the years past The Lore Guardian, or Guardian as Alitrin called him, learned about his world, the people and customs, how to read and write common and draconic from Alitrin. Guardian had learned of Alitrin’s power as a sorcerer over the years and had become his apprentice, and Altrin his master, all while learning more and more of magics and gods.As the years past by Alitrin and Guardian noticed an odd occurrence. While Altrin got older and older Guardian didn’t change at all, as Alitrin’s scales grew rough and dry with his eyes growing dimmer and dimmer Guardian stood there always looking young but they couldn’t find out how and why this was.

One summer Alitrin sent Guardian away to Twigsdale to receive a package from Seph which upon receiving the package Seph told him the this package was a rather odd request from Alitrin. Not wanting to spend any more time than was need with Seph, Guardian headed back to the spire to end his three day trip to find the spire in a state of ruin.

Guardian rushed into the spire looking for Alitrin only to find his corpse on the spiral staircase. From what Guardian come ascertain from the scene he determined that the spire was raided and they had killed Alitirn. Guardian was furious, if he didn’t leave for that package he could have been their to protect Alitrin and his home. Guardian directed his anger towards the package ripping it to shreds with his hands only to find the inside was a book, the same book that he read in Seph’s basement. In tears he sat down and looked at the book, Alitrin probably asked for this from Seph to give to Guardian. Guardian opened the book and began to read. Inside he learned of a powerful being that would grant power to their proxies who made a act with them. In a fit of rage Guardian followed the instructions in the book and began the process of contacting the Great Old One, T’u Arch, a gaseous being who feds on the hate of his victims to grow in strength.

Guardian formed the Pact of the Tomb for power so he could exact his revenge on the raiders that killed Alitrin.

With his new abilities The Lore Guardian tracks down the raiders to Sicelin to the town of Geminar where the raiders were going to sell off everything that they had stolen from the spire and their other raids.

In Geminar Guardian confronted the raiders and in the ensuing battle was able to save a orc bystander from a stray attack. The battle was short as the enraged Guardian showed no mercy as he sacrificed the raiders to T’u Arch by suspending them them in the air for days until they died of thirst.

In the aftermath Guardian finds the orc he saved, and orc named Marchinko, and goes straight up to him and tells him that since he saved his life Marchinko now owes Guardian a life debt and that eventually he will return to collect and Marchinko WILL pay up. After that The Lore Guardian returns to the spire to pick up the pieces and turn the spire into his home now where he would bury his master

As the years go by Guardian has thrown himself into his mission of learning everything in the world. In his travels The Lore Guardian has acquired a bountiful wealth of knowledge and it continues to grow. Using his Draconic ancestry The Lore Guardian found the he had an affinity for the elements with his arcane power. The Lore Guardian has sought out places and individuals who may have held secret knowledge to learn their teachings as he gets closer and closer to the truth behind the reason for his resurrection and one day take that knowledge for himself.

Now partnered with Senn Barrigar, a fire genasi, in an effort to stop an evil aberration from destroying the world.

Along the journey Guardian would make allies with Gods and dragons in the quest to save the world.

Guardian and Senn would later pair up with Adhemar Benthencort and his “son” Percival or Percy who had a similar objective in defeating Lars.

Now grouped the would continue to battle Lars while Guardian used his connections to help Adhemar find items of power.

Eventually they would end up in the Underdark where they would do battle with an undead hydra God where Guardian would save Adhemar and Percy but end up losing his life when Senn threw his whole necklace of fire at the hydra with Guardian trapped in one of his mouth. Luckily Adhemar was able to reach the body of Guardian just in time to revivify and bring Guardian back to life.

Later in true Guardian fashion he gets the group taken to asgard to see Odin since Guardian was siphoning his powers. Odin gave him a test to beat a Valkyrie in 1on1 combat and by some tricky and brutal Guardian won and became a follower of Odin in the Pact of the Seeker.

The group then travels to Sicilen to an abandon warhouse to get Adhemar a belt of frost giant strength and they meet up with an friend of Adhemar, Nana Fifi.

The cleared the warehouse and found the belt for Adhemar but found a deep pit in the bottom of the warehouse.

Exploring the pit they found a second store house full of dragon eggs. Finding the mother they did battle and deafeted the dragon but Adhemar suffered mayor injuries. Guardian took Adhemar in his arms and ran Adhemar up the pits walls to get Adhemar medical aid.

Adhemar injuries would leave him out of commission for a long while while being in the care of Nana Fifi while Guardian contacts Hiemdal to watch over Adhemar.

Henry, The Lore Guardian, The King of the Storm

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