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All the party knows about Desmond is that he is in possession of the Tiger shaped gem rumored to grant God-like powers at a heavy and dangerous price. He also appears to be in charge of the dungeon the party went through.

Dissipated into smoke once he handed the Cane to Gaubric. He came across the adventurers a couple times since and tried to give the cane back to them after they gave it to Lucius.

Desmond claims to have made the artifacts with Lucius before he was a Rakshasa.

Current whereabouts were heard to be on Eyloft.

The Second Party came across him in Eyloft while he was in the guise of a hooded traveler. Despite The Lore Guardian’s distrust in him, Senn curiously accepted a very strange wand with the head of a red eagle on it from him. He told them that its purpose would be realized in the future.

Later, the second party arrived at his puzzle dungeon. They discovered several things that the first party missed, the most important being a set of secret rooms behind his bedroom’s bookcase. In the set of rooms they discovered that Desmond was hiding the six gemstones across the world with people he thought were strong enough to control their power, the strange wand they received was the Gemstone of Intelligence. The first party had recovered two of the six leaving four left. They discovered the last known locations of the remaining three, the room where Desmond observed every room in the dungeon, and a couple photos of Lucius, Lars, and Desmond together, before they were transformed.

Perhaps most importantly the second party discovered where the gemstones came from and Desmond’s notes on the nature of the gemstones. The six gemstones were discovered by Lucius, Desmond and Lars, and upon researching them they were eventually corrupted by their combined power. Desmond himself turned into a Rakshasa, a powerful demon cat hybrid. Upon seeing that his friend Lars had transformed into a monstrous uncontrollable apparition of black smoke, he sealed Lars away within the six gemstones and split them across the world of Midgard.

The second party eventually reunited with him atop the Concurdat Mountain Range and had a fairly lengthy discussion on what they should do about the gemstones. They ultimately decided to keep the gemstones from Lucius and amass an army for the day that Lars would inevitably break free. Desmond would then assist the second party in recruiting new members and tracking the locations of the other gemstones.



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