Hel, The Raven Queen

Not an actual Raven


The god of fate and ferrying the dead to the afterlife. Believes that dead things should remain dead. Senn, Guardian and Ace met with her to see if she had any information on the gemstones and if she would lend them aid in fighting Lars. She didn’t seem to show much interest in Lars despite hearing that Lars was a major threat to potentially all planes. She showed more interest in Ace, one of her reapers with an awkward relationship. She told the party that she would send help if things progressed to a point where she would actually care.

Later on when the Spire’s staff went missing after the disaster at the Angel of Discovery and the artifacts were destroyed, The Hunters of Knowledge went back to her realm to figure out if the people in their spire were dead and if not where Ace was right now. Hel told them that none of them were dead, and Ace was at Lake Tilt in Eyloft.

After the parties were combined Hel directly contacted them and portaled them into her realm were she told them she was now more concerned with the goings on in Midgard and she then told them that all of The Hunters of Knowledge’s friends were all in Lake Tilt. Meanwhile Adhemar was fanboying the entire time. She also invited the party to a dinner with all the other gods if they successfully saved the world from Lars, so that’s a thing that’s happening.


Hel, The Raven Queen

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