Illuvar Bones

Skeleton Trickster Domain Cleric


Gender: Male
Age: 126
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 55 lbs.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Hair: Decayed away
Eyes: Empty as the void
Skin: Absolutely none

Armed with a scimitar, a mace, a shield, a rapier of life-stealing, a crowbar, a holy symbol of Mask, and a tattered, blood-stained blanket.

Personality: Uncooperative, greedy, and cynical. Yet despite this, Illuvar has a respect for innocent life and a hatred towards those who disrespect it.

Due to recent events, Illuvar’s greatest fear is now cannons and cannonballs.


Character Update: Somehow, under the noses of the Hand of The League, Illuvar Bones disappeared into thin air and never returned.

Backstory: During a job he and a couple of his buddies were taking, Illuvar was liberating a noble in Gudrunn of valuables when the said homeowner discovered the group. The homeowner, who was an immensely powerful warlock, slew Illuvar’s friends and trapped Illuvar in a state between death and life, conscious, but rotting. Through wit, timing, a well placed healing spell, and a little luck, Illuvar managed to escape the nightmare of living death, but was forever cursed with undeath. Because of this, Illuvar has sworn revenge on necromancers, warlocks, and other dark magicians. When the party first met Illuvar, he was searching for valuables in their rooms and they almost cut him down. However, Lucius introduced him as their new member, and they reluctantly accepted him.

Illuvar Bones

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