Lars Aspect (Charisma)

Take your seats ladies and gentlemen


An inky black apparition with one giant green eye on its face and a bardic outfit. An insanely powerful spellcaster aspect who toys with his foes with illusionary and controlling magics. The Hunters of Knowledge encountered him first when he had broken out of his artifact in the Angel of Discovery and proceeded to trash the place. After witnessing him kill the secretary of the museum they rushed to attack him but found he was almost impossible to hit. He taunted Mubin and Senn until Guardian hit him with a few Agonizing Blasts, which convinced him to actually start fighting. During the fight he took control of Mubin who had tried to run away with Senn and Guardian and proceeded to conjure a chair and watch as Mubin attacked them. Senn eventually broke the aspect’s concentration but the aspect then proceeded to turn Mubin into a chair and sit on him. Guardian flew Senn and himself up into the air as if they were going to leave, then when the aspect had put his feet up in a relaxed pose Guardian grabbed Mubin with telekinesis and the three of them flew back to the surface of Gudrunn, leaving the aspect to shrug and sink back into the ground in a puddle of ink that quickly disappeared entirely.


Lars Aspect (Charisma)

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