Senn's cool fire elemental who sounds an awful lot like Christian Bale's Batman


The fire elemental brought forth from a gem inside Senn’s chef hat, which was a gift from Guildmaster Rudy in Gudrunn. Pretty much saved the second party during their fight with the Guardian clones created by the red eagle wand.

During the fight with the Charisma Lars Aspect in the Angel of Discovery Museum the Hunters of Knowledge had to make a quick escape which involved not being able to pull Orthus out of the fight. Orthus managed to retreat back to the hangar where the survivors of the attack were. Orthus is probably there now, just chilling, waiting. Sorry bro.

When the combined party returned to the Angel of Discovery a few days later, Senn found Orthus working a furnace job there, saying that he actually enjoyed doing it. Since it was generally a bad idea to bring a fire elemental onto a small ship, Senn decided to leave him until they got their spire back.



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